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Customized & Prepared Presentations, Workshops & Webinars Available

PLUS 1-on-1 Conversations with dr. candi by appointment


To invite dr. candi &/or for more information, please complete the form below:

We create safe space to sincerely speak to matters of faith, freedom and justice.

  • No topic is off limits!
  • All adults (18+) are welcome.
  • Anonymous/pseudonymous participation is available.

COMMENTS from Conversations with dr. candi (not their real names):

  • “You’re so good! That is how I look at things; I sit back and watch and hope.” ~Rain
  • “When I first came in here, it was about this is what the virtuous woman would say. Now, I have to question what I believed. This [conversation] opens up some dialogue within myself.” ~Mary
  • If that’s [rethinking traditional ideals] true, I would be more me. That makes me okay. It’s all right.” ~Nel

To invite dr. candi &/or for more information:

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