G~d, What Are YOU Waiting On?

Baby and Pet Dog Waiting at Door Looking out Window

“When we have prayed only for what was possible And hoped only for what we could see:

When we have taken your grace for granted And expected instant answers to immediate requests:

When we have allowed waiting on your Spirit to slip into lethargy And waiting on the kingdom to be replaced by apathy:

When we have borne false witness against one another And clouded it with claims of righteous indignation:

When we have thought only of ourselves waiting on you And never pondered how you wait on us:

In these times, God, when we fear that we are losing hope or feel that our efforts are futile, let us see in our hearts and minds the image of your resurrection. Let that image be the source of courage and strength. Let us choose connection. Let us choose life. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

~Marcia McFee, “I Will Take the Cup of Freedom”


One thought on “G~d, What Are YOU Waiting On?

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