Make Sure You Really Want It

island lower

“Success is an island.” ~Jeannine K. Brown

We clamor to make it to the top, to arrive, to manifest our dreams – only to find that the object of our desire does not fulfill the desire we hold in our souls.

We may receive accolades and we may grow spiritually – whatever our goals – once we realize them, for real realize them, and look around, we discover that we’re the only ones around. We’re alone. What happened to everyone else? They either dropped out on their own or we chose to forge ahead without them.

A friend encouraged me last night that I’m not alone. Too often it sure does feel like it. Perhaps, I’m not though. Perhaps I am actually like Jonathan Livingston Seagull and it’s not so much I’m alone as that I am no longer surrounded by the same company. Where I am today, fewer people are around and those that are, are different people than before.

Nevertheless, “success is an island.”

(c) 2016, candi dugas, llc


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