Grateful – for what?

While takinProfessional Photos of Grace UMC 010g a break today at Grace (UMC, Atlanta, GA), I decided to spend a bit of time with G~d in the Sanctuary before returning to my desk. (Grace has one of the most beautiful sanctuaries I’ve ever experienced.)

Meandering around, sensing the best particular space to be in for this moment, Spirit guided me to the Chapel, actually to one of its entrances from the outside.

Photo Mar 19, 12 51 51

I peered out, viewing the traffic on Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Photo Mar 19, 12 52 06

Then my eyes looked downward and saw the belongings of a houseless person: cardboard “mat,” a blanket and a canvass tote bag – “hidden” in the bushes.

Photo Mar 19, 12 52 15

Undoubtedly s/he intended to return for her/his belongings at some point.

It’s just that today it’s raining, all day. So, then I began to wonder, “What is s/he going to do about her/his rain-soaked things? What do houseless people do when their stuff gets all wet? What’s in that bag that is now ruined?”

And so, I wanted to thank G~d. But for what? That I’m blessed that my stuff is not rain-soaked or all wet because it happens to be in a secure home and this person’s stuff is not? Does that make me blessed and G~d’s other creation not so much? I don’t think the location of my things vs. hers/his determines our levels of blessing.

About two years ago, I was houseless as well. One difference is that I had friends with whom I could live and I accepted their help. (Sometimes, houseless people choose to be so over the options offered by loved ones, for whatever reason(s). I get that.)

I decided just to be grateful – without filling in the blank of “for what.”

I decided just to be quiet – simply sit in the chapel, in the silence for a few moments.

I decided just to pray – for others, for the person whose stuff was outside, for all of my family, friends and colleagues and their loved ones.

To G~d be the glory for every special moment of every day – the ones we understand and especially for the ones we don’t.


(c) 2015, candi dugas, llc


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