What Is Truth?

perspective poster

image from iron.lmc.gatech.edu

Who is to say what is good and what is not? It’s a matter of perspective, no? What was good in my eyes at eight years old is not necessarily good now. Rain is good for a region beset by drought, but not necessarily for an area struggling with floods. In the United States, 4 pm on the east coast and 1 pm on the west coast represent the same moment in time. It’s all about perspective.

What’s more is that the reality of a thing is not what we can see with our physical eyes. Rather the reality is the idea of the thing. No matter what happens to the physical thing, the reality of it will always exist and can be recreated.

How do we know that we have a truth and that it is true enough for what we need and/or want? We don’t always know in an absolute sense. But life is not as much about absolutes as it is living in where knowledge ends and faith begins. Listen for more.

(c) 2009, candi dugas, llc. Image from iron.lmc.gatech.edu.


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